Gardiner Connections brings an artwork of business to the canvas of your company, utilizing branding, sales and marketing strategies to create a masterpiece of success and profitability.

As a professional consulting service for multiple sectors, Gardiner Connections connects people and resources. With expertise in sales leadership and marketing, our firm maps a clear route for new and aspiring businesses, guiding them from launch to landing. Companies seeking growth opportunities can also benefit from an evaluation of their business strategies.  Our customized branding and streamlining processes take the guesswork out of business and execute a concise vision for clients.

Our philosophy entails bringing passion, creativity, open communication, and ethical practices to the companies we serve.


Gardiner Connections provides an array of services meant to bridge the gap between your entrepreneurial team and real-world resources that result in overall financial success. Among them are:

  • Brand development and strategy
  • Marketing planning and execution
  • Customized sales strategy and oversight
  • Social media outreach
  • Communications and public relations services, including website content, external and internal material as well as press releases
  • Photo shoot coordination
  • Tradeshow orchestration
  • Event planning
  • Operational and financial evaluation

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